Our Goals are To remove societal stigmas associated with medical marijuana use, have our doors open to the community, contribute a prominent voice in the statewide legalization movement, and promote research and innovation within the Maine marijuana industry.


Our facility will be the first of it’s kind on the East coast, exhibiting our vegetative and flowering rooms to the general public, showcasing our process and inviting anyone to come learn alongside us. If you’ve ever grown anything, whether it was an avocado on your windowsill or some mold on your cheese, you know how technical and scientific it can be.   At the same time we all know growing is a wonderful mix of complexity and simplicity, an attempt to control another living thing that has its own agenda. With all this interest in the marijuana cultivation industry we thought it’d be good to provide some visual aids, to bring the conversation out into the open, to demystify.


The facility will also include a glass studio, showcasing glassware and smoking provisions handcrafted from all over the state and the country, everything from Ceramic Bongs to Silicone Nectar Collectors to Juicy Rolling Papers, we’ll have it.  Come visit us and check out the sheer variety of ways the world has come up with to help you enjoy some marijuana, the options can be truly mind boggling, but in the most fun and curious of ways.


Through the glass studio will be our medical shop where card carrying Medical Marijuana Patients will be able to purchase our own on-site cultivated flower, as well as edibles, pre-rolleds, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, and other value-added goods.   

Interested in one of our products? Contact us and we will deliver right to your door.