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Many folks nowadays are calling cannabis a miracle drug, the cure to any and all symptoms and maladies.  While we know that can’t be true, the confusion is clear. Laws across the country are conflicting with each other as we see illnesses recognized in some states but not in others, as well as other complicated and onerous hoops to jump through in order for qualifying patients to get their medicine.  

The state of Maine recognizes the following conditions:


While many of these conditions are very easy to define, some are less so.  Remember that marijuana is often part of a larger care regimen, treating symptoms like anxiety, inflammation, digestive stress, migraines, and many others.  We see many patients, often lifetime marijuana users, who would have qualified for years but have waited to get a card due to shame, fear of privacy violations, or worries that they won’t qualify.  

 We take pride in the fact that all conversations with us and our employees are confidential, so please remember there are no stupid questions here.  We work with a network of nurse practitioners who have seen first hand the value of adding marijuana to a more mainstream care plan, and there’s no cost if you don’t qualify.  We accept new patients weekly, the cost is $125, with a $50 credit on your first order over $200.  Remember, we have to be at work with us too, so we try to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.  

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